Sprayer Inspections

188-Point Inspection Includes:

  • Hydraulic System Flows, Pressures, Hoses, and Leaks
  • Pump Pressure, Controls, and Switches
  • Tie Rods, Pins and Bushings, and Pivot Points
  • Electrical Analysis: Charging, Starting, and Instrument
  • Engine Power and Efficiency
  • Boom Movement and Linkages
  • Drive Train Components
  • Drive Lines, U-Joints, and Shields
  • Batteries, Switches, and Lamps
  • Cab Climate Control Analysis

Sprayer Inspection

Self-Propelled Sprayers

Starting at $649**


Starting at $449**

**Receive up to $450 in trucking with $2,000 or more in repairs. Inspection prices include misc. charges like oil scan kit, coolant test strip, etc., as well as a basic wash. Detail wash available for utility and row crop tractors, windrowers or sprayers for an additional$199. Detail wash available for combine, SPFH or 4WD tractors for an additional $299.