Setting Your Precision Ag Goals for 2020

Setting Your Precision Ag Goals for 2020Wow, what a year!  I’m sure many of you will remember the challenges of the 2019 growing season for years to come.  I know I have spoken with many customers, and the consensus is that this will be as memorable as the drought of 1988.  

As you prepare for the 2020 growing season, it is always good to look back at the previous year and look for
opportunities to improve.  Since many of you are still finishing up 2019 harvest, now is a good time to think back
on some of your Precision Ag pain points and think about how you might work to improve them in 2020.

Did you have issues with your operators using the technology in the cab?  Maybe you could work with your IS Consultant to do on-farm training before spring next year.  Or send them to one of the Greenstar training clinics that we have in March and April.  

Thanks to mother nature, were you always in a rush and failed to collect good data throughout the season?  Did varieties change due to the late planting, and they never got entered in the monitor?  For these challenges, I’d also recommend discussing a plan with your IS Consultant.  For example, if we are set up correctly in spring, you could text a picture of a seed tag or chemical jug to our hotline at (920) 264-0332, and we can build an updated setup file that we can send right to your equipment in the field in minutes.

Or, are you at a point that you want to start using more of the data you are collecting?  For this, I’d encourage you to attend one of our Data Management meetings coming up in December.  Come to one of these meetings to hear how R&S and John Deere are working to bring solutions to the market that you can use your data you have been collecting to make better decisions on nutrient placement including tools that you can use with your agronomist in incorporate variable rate nutrient applications on your farm, even if the nutrients are coming from manure!

I hope you all have a safe and successful fall harvest season. 

- Joe Sinkula