A Note From Joe

Riesterer & Schnell Ultimate Plus

Last fall, we surveyed 30 customers with a focus on determining what they needed help with in regards to the mountains of data they are collecting.  Results clearly showed that we should focus on what we are good at – making sure your hardware is working, helping you collect good data, and completing data analysis.  The feedback that many shared was an interest in finding value with your data collected.  As a result, we created our new Ultimate Plus Data Management Program to help you gain more value from your data.

Your farming operation is as unique as you are.  The Ultimate Plus Data Management Program helps to create customized solutions for your farm during three on-farm visits from a Data Specialist.  This program builds upon the existing Ultimate support agreements that many of you already have.   

The first meeting of the year sets the groundwork and creates the baseline for your farm.  At this meeting, we work with you and your agronomy team to develop data driven questions, and an action plan to attain your goals. 

A summer meeting will review goals set, the action plan and make sure we are staying on course.  A data specialist can review data collected already and discuss predicted profit based on the crop plan and potential targets.  The goal is to give you the information you need to make in-season changes based on the financial investment already made in the fields.

The year end review will report on the data analysis completed based on the goals set in spring.  Our data specialist will provide a unique profit report for any field signed up in the program.  These profit reports don’t just show you profitability, but highlight which fields have the greatest variability and help you gain insight of those acres.  Field report cards allow you to see through the clutter and focus on the greatest opportunity acres of your farm.

Take the next step with your data.  Stop collecting data for “someday” and let today be that day!  Let us sit down with you and give your data a purpose.  The Integrated Solutions Team are limiting our Ultimate Plus Agreements to the first 20 customers for this season.  Please don’t put this off too long.  We are excited to partner with you and your agronomy team to achieve more in 2020.

- Joe Sinkula