A Note From Joe

5 Reasons to Use Data In-Season

written by Joe Sinkula

John Deere Operations Center App

Over the past 18 months, John Deere has worked towards making your data easier to access in your pocket and not having to wait until you find time to get to the office.  The updates to the MyOperations App make it easier to use than ever, so I thought for this newsletter, I would make a Top 5 list for how to utilize the MyOperations App and your data in-season.  If you need any help with completing the tasks below, feel free to call us at 920-264-0332 and we would be happy to walk you through this using your data. 

1. Review, share planting dates and varieties using the Analyze tool

Are you doing your Crop Reporting meeting with the FSA or Insurance Agent?  No more using handwritten notes or a printed reports.  Just open up the Analyze tool within the MyOperations App to view your planting dates.  You will see the dates and varieties.  You can quickly sort or filter by any column, such as Planting Date, Crop Type, or Farm Name. 

2. Scout Fields and document changes using the Flag Tools

From the App, you can add Flags with Pictures and notes.  These picture notes will appear on your phone as well as the phone or tablet of anyone you have given access to your Operations Center Account.

3. Share data with your Agronomist, Crop Scouts or any other Partners

Similar to number 2, you can share planting data, application data, and any other recorded layer with your trusted advisors. Just like you, they can have access on their smart phone. As they walk your fields with or without you, they can see your exact planting rates and dates, along with any flags and notes you have added.  Using exact dates and rates will give them a quick snapshot to help guide your fields in the right direction towards harvest.

4. Track Side Dressing Progress making sure you didn’t miss any fields

Do you know which fields you have completed? How about which fields were completed before the big rains and might need to be reviewed for a late-season rescue application?  These are all questions that can be easily answered by checking in the MyOperations App. *Note: This applies to any job that you can record on your monitor. 

5. Review Boundaries while working in fields

Did you know you can view your As-Applied Data and your Boundaries at the same time? As you are going through your fields, use the MyOperations App to see which boundaries are incorrect. If you see an issue, add a Flag with your notes.  At the end of the season, as the boundaries are fixed (either by driving or automatically drawing based on coverage maps), you can easily delete the flags. 

Remember: The John Deere Operations Center is free and compatible with 20 competitive displays. Take advantage of these features even if you have other brands of displays on your farm. 

For more information contact your regional IS Consultant.