August 2019 On Farm Trials

August 2019 On Farm TrialsRecently, we participated in the Calumet County Manure Technology Summit hosted at Holsum Dairy, near Hilbert, WI.  The focus of the event was to evaluate new methods and technologies to apply manure to a growing crop and determine how the crop responds.  At the event, we had 11 trials in which we compared several different technologies and application methods.  We did stand counts and took Pre-Side Dress Nitrate Tests biweekly for 3 weeks.   

If you looked only at the stand counts or the Nitrate Tests, it appears there weren’t any differences between the application methods. However, a basic eye test could see the differences.  The crop will be harvested by a John Deere SPFH with Harvestlab so we can accurately compare the affects of the various application methods on yield and feed quality. If you are interested in seeing the details of our trials that were shared at the event and the yield results at the end of the season, please send an e-mail to with Manure Data in the subject line and we will make sure to get them to you.

While working on this project, I was reminded of the value of doing on-farm testing.  Doing on-farm testing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, it just takes a bit of planning and taking time to properly document what you are doing in the field.  Many of you have the technology that you need to do this easily at your disposal – a Greenstar Display and Receiver plus the John Deere Operations Center.  The display can be set to record your test and the operations center can help you visualize the data to look for differences.  To take it to the next level of analysis, the Operations Center has partnerships with multiple companies that can develop profitability maps for pennies per acre. 

If you want any help in learning how to set up your display for on-farm testing or how to look at the results and profitability in the Operations Center, feel free to reach out to your IS Consultant or call us on our Hotline at (920) 264-0332

I hope you all have a safe and successful fall harvest season. 

- Joe Sinkula