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  • Cost Savings with Section Control

    Cost Savings with Section Control

    Posted in Blog on 4/1/2019
    What do you get when you combine the sky-high price of agronomic inputs and slim grain prices?  A need to be more efficient than ever while planting and applying on your farm! Of all Precision Ag technology, the product that shows us the fastest return on investment is Section Control.

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  • Leading the way with Generation 4 Guidance

    Leading the way with Generation 4 Guidance

    Posted in Blog on 3/18/2019
    The Precision Ag world is full of options, the starting point for most is AutoTrac, it allows us to confidently create evenly spaced rows past sunset, in rain, dust, or fog. This helps maintain top machine and implement performance, resulting in a uniform field.

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  • What's New in Hardware

    What's New in Hardware

    Posted in Blog on 3/4/2019
    What's new since last spring? Here are the top 5 new things from John Deere and Riesterer & Schnell over the previous year.

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  • Precision Agronomy

    Precision Agronomy

    Posted in Blog on 2/25/2019
    Learn the benefits of planting soybeans with a corn planter from an operational and cost perspective.

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