Thorough Evaluations of Your Animal's Health

posted on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 in Blog

Hard to believe it is the beginning of a new year already! This is the time when many people make New Year resolutions to better their health or make other positive changes in their life. It's also a good time to take a good thorough evaluation of your furry and feathered friends' health. 


How is his/her weight? Too thin or too chubby? Sometimes in the winter months pets are less active because the owners aren't as active and outdoor animals need to conserve energy to stay warm so sometimes they aren't as active either. Is the hair coat full, sleek and shiny, or dull and losing hair? How is the condition of the teeth and gums? If your friend is dropping a lot of food, having a hard time chewing, or seems irritable he may be dealing with some dental issues. Does your pet look like she has any stiffness or painful areas anywhere? Cold, damp weather and harder ground can sometimes flare up an already existing joint issue or cause new ones to show up.


After doing this evaluation you may find that you need to adjust the amount of food your animal is getting or gradually change the formula all together to something that better suits him at this life stage. Also there are many supplements available to help with joint pain and stiffness. If it is a dental issue it is best to deal with your vet or animal dentist to get to the root of the problem. 


For the month of January all joint supplements are 10% OFF! Happy New Year everyone, here's to positive changes and one of the best years yet! For any questions on feeding your furry or feathered friends, please feel free to call Amanda at 920-921-4042 or email