John Deere Z700 Series Ztrak Zero Turn Mower

posted on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 in Blog

The all NEW John Deere Z700 ZTrak Zero Turn Mowers are durable, adjustable, comfortable, fast, commercial-grade and all hands on deck.

We know you enjoy your yard and it takes work to maintain it. There are 5 new Z700 ZTrak Mowers that fall underneath different trim levels: E, M and R. Ranging from 23.5 horsepower up to 25, with deck sizes from 48 to 60 inches. These durable Z’s are designed with you in mind.

Durability starts with a strong frame made with 2x3 inch structural tubing. In addition, the High Capacity PRO decks are constructed from 9-guage steel with commercial-grade reinforcements on the edges and double-captured anti-scalp wheels.

Getting on and off the John Deere Z700 mowers has never been easier with the welded step. The Z700’s have robust front caster tires and the mower decks are designed to process material to minimize clumping at higher speeds. The dependable powertrain also helps improve challenging conditions.

Mowing season is a busy time for other things in your life and sometimes it’s not easy getting it all done. No matter who mows, the Z700 models are designed to fit specific operator preferences. For example, the foot platform offers 3 positions, the steering levers have a high degree of adjustability that give you more leg room and more hand placing options. In addition, the high-quality seats can be adjusted as well. When it comes to operating the Z700’s everything is straightforward. You can set the cut height in quarter inch increments using a dial. There’s also a spring assisted foot lift to help raise and lower the deck. For convenience, the park break is activated when both the control levers are locked in the outward position. And to keep you going longer, there’s an easy fill 8-gallon (30.2 L) fuel tank which is the largest in this category.

To fit your mowing needs, there’s a wide range of options. John Deere’s exclusive MulchControl allows you to switch from side-discharge to mulching with the flip of a lever. And if you want to bag grass clippings or leaves, you can add a material collection system. There are several other attachments available.

Servicing and cleaning are a breeze with a flip up seat, spindle covers and removable foot platform. Warning lights on the R model warn you of low battery voltage and potential oil pressure issues.

Key Differences Between Trim Levels

  • E Models offer a 21-inch seat back with adjustability on both the spring mounted suspension and arm rests. The drivetrain delivers professional looking results and speeds up to 8 mph. The E models include a 4-year, 500-hour warranty.
  • M Models have a 22.5-inch seat back with a standard ComfortGlide Suspension system. The Z700 M series mowers also come with adjustability on both the seat springs and arm rests. These come with a heavy-duty transmission and reach speeds of up to 9.5 mph. M models include a 4-year, 750-hour warranty.
  • The R Model has a true commercial-grade powertrain which enables you to mow longer with operating speeds of up to 10 mph. It also has a heavy duty dual-stage air filter. For ultimate comfort the Z740R comes with a 24-inch back, tilt capability and suspension you can adjust based on your weight. The R model comes with 24-inch tires or you can choose Michelin X Tweel turf tires which greatly improve ride quality and eliminate flats. The warranty for the R model is 4 years, 1000 hours.

To learn more about the John Deere Z700 ZTrak Zero Turn Mowers click here.

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