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Minimum Downtime, Maximum Productivity

Minimum Downtime, Maximum Productivity

Even though we don’t want to admit it, there are very few things on our operations that have 100% uptime. Everything that is mechanical or electronic is subject to a breakdown. If you call “your person” you might get help right away, but there is also a good chance you will have to leave a message and wait. Last fall, we began using R&S Precision Support Hotline, this spring we are going to go bigger and expand it even more.

The hotline number (920) 264-0332 doesn't just connect you with Eric, Riley, Brandon, Chase, Alan or Joe, it connects you with all of them at once. When you call the hotline all 6 phones ring at once and whoever is available will answer.  If for some reason none of them can answer, it starts a support ticket, and leaves a message for all six of them. That way we can respond faster than if you are the fourth voicemail on just one person’s phone.

We know you have “your guy” programmed into your phone and want to just keep calling him. But I can tell you a couple of reasons to make the change with us. First, as I said before, support will be faster for you if you call all vs. calling just one. Second, using the R&S Precision support line will be the only way to get a hold of our support team after normal business hours. This lets us manage your call better and lets us make sure that there is a person on call and available to you when “your guy” has a family commitment. 

Just like you would do maintenance on your planter or sprayer to get ready for spring, this is doing maintenance on your phone. We want you to get on board, and it is as easy as 1,2,3. Just Text‘App’ to (920) 264-0332. 

Click the contact card to save R&S Precision Hotline, and then click the link to download the app. This will set you up for minimum downtime and maximum productivity this spring from your R&S Precision Support Team.

Want more information? Contact our R&S Precision Farming team today! 

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