3 Tips for Keeping YOUR Lawn Healthy

posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 in Blog

3 Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

At home, our lawns are a key part of our property. Grass is what our kids play on and our dogs run on. They also tend to require a lot of upkeep throughout the spring and summer months. Every year it seems like we are always struggling with an area that isn’t quite growing right. Whether that be patches that don’t grow at all or weed infestation. You may ask yourself, how can I maintain a good lawn?

Here are some helpful tips to get your lawn to the next level:

  1. Using a Sharp Blade & Correct Deck Height are Key
    • In Wisconsin, it seems that we mow our lawn very often when moisture and humidity levels rise. Although this is great for lawn growth, it can damage / wound grass leaves. To help reduce the amount of stress that is applied to the lawn, it is important to always use a sharp blade when mowing. This causes a clean wound on the leaf which allows for fast healing. Dull blades can tear the leaves, causing them to build up after each mow and eventually not survive. Another factor when it comes to having a good lawn is making sure you aren’t cutting your grass too short. The ideal height for most lawns is 2.5 – 3 inches. Grass leaves hold energy throughout the root, by cutting them too short depletion of energy storage can occur causing yellow spots. Mulching grass clippings is also great for providing nutrients and shade to the lawn. 
  2. Lawn Fertilization is a MUST
    • To help promote new root and leaf growth, fertilization is an important step to maintaining a healthy lawn. It is common to fertilize at least twice a year. A good schedule is to fertilize around Memorial Day and Labor Day. Fertilization helps provide the lawn with nutrients that it may be missing on its own throughout the season.
  3. Controlling Weed Infestation
    • As you may have noticed, when lawns aren’t doing well weeds start to take over. Shaded areas help promote weeds, which can cause a competition with the grass. Other areas where weeds emerge are sunny locations, and compacted soil or very loose soil areas. To control weeds, you can pull them out by hand or look for a safe spot treatment. By cutting your grass at a higher measurement, weeds should minimize as well.

The appearance of our lawn isn’t the only part of why maintaining a good lawn is important. Lawns encourage water infiltration to assist with absorption during rainfall. They help increase overall property value and they provide a safe area for your kids to play.

For more information regarding lawn care, you can visit:   https://fyi.uwex.edu/news/2018/05/18/turf-and-lawn-care-in-wisconsin-2/

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