Pliers & Cutting Tools

AlligatorTM High-Performance Pliers
  • Self-gripping jaws 7-position box-joint adjustment
  • Strong chrome vanadium steel 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Unique jaw design shaped to eliminate nut-burring
7-in. Alligator pliers 
Model/Part no.: TY25018
List Price: $36.79 (USD)*
7 inch Alligator pliers with red handle 10-in. Alligator pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY25019
List Price: $38.69 (USD)*
12-in. Alligator pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY25020
List Price: $58.99 (USD)*

Cobra Pliers Cobra pliers act as water pump pliers, locking pliers, and a pipe wrench in one 
A very versatile tool with a positive-locking pushbutton mechanism 
The patented adjustment mechanism facilitates instant adjustment 
Also offers a memory button for retention of jaw sizing 
Made from chrome vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened Polished head; plastic-coated handles 
Unique jaw designed to eliminate nut-burring Self-gripping on pipes and nuts 
Approximate hardness of gripping teeth: 60 HRC
5-in. Cobra pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY27002
List Price: $44.99 (USD)*
7-in. Cobra pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY24498
List Price: $52.59 (USD)*
10-in. Cobra pliers
Model/Part No.: TY24233
List Price: $52.99 (USD)*
12-in. Cobra Pliers with red handle 12-in. Cobra pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY24499
List Price: $74.39 (USD)*
16-in. Cobra pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY25406
List Price: $124.29 (USD)*
22-in. Cobra pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY25868
List Price: $180.29 (USD)*

Knipex® Pliers-Wrenches Versatility of a wrench, convenience of pliers 
Smooth, parallel jaws 
Ratchet-like cam mechanism 
Memory button for retentions of jaw sizing 
Cam action provides enormous leverage 
Lever ratio greater than 10-1 for stronger gripping power
7-in. Knipex pliers-wrench 
Model/Part No.: TY25405
List Price: $84.39 (USD)*
10-in. Knipex pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY25404
List Price: $89.09 (USD)*
12-in. Knipex pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY25869
List Price: $119.69 (USD)*

10-in. Fence pliers
  • Model/Part No.: TY19980
  • Cuts, bends, twists, and crimps wire Works as a set of pliers 
  • Works as a hammer 
  • Pulls staples 
  • Vinyl coated handles for extra grip and strength 
  • Drop forged for strength
List Price: $14.81 (USD)*

High-leverage combination pliers Model/Part No.: TY24234 
Features a high-leverage, eccentric joint 
Serrated round jaws for gripping small work pieces 
Designed to cut piano wire and other solid wire with minimum effort 
Long cutting edges for thicker cables 
Cutting edges separately induction-hardened (64 HRC) 
Material: special tool steel that is oil-hardened and tempered 
Polished head 
Handles have two-component plastic grips for ergonomic comfort and increased safety
List Price: $53.99 (USD)*

5-1/2-in. long-nose pliers with cutters
  • Model/Part No.: TY25408
  • Short jaw design for greater maneuverability 
  • Serrated gripping surfaces 
  • Induction-hardened edges 
  • Cutting-edge hardness (approx. 60 HRC)
List Price: $37.59 (USD)*

8-in. long-nose pliers with cutters
  • Model/Part No.: TY24236
  • Flat-round jaws 
  • Serrated gripping surfaces 
  • Designed to cut hard and soft wire 
  • Cutting edges separately induction-hardened 
  • Cutting-edge hardness (approx. 60 HRC) 
  • Material: vanadium steel and oil-hardened polished head 
  • Handles are plastic coated for comfort
List Price: $46.49 (USD)*

4-in-1 electrician’s pliers
  • Model/Part No.: TY25407
  • Grips, strips, cuts, and crimps in a single tool 
  • Strips wire 10, 12, and 14 AWG 
  • Convenient 6-1/4-in. size
List Price: $62.49 (USD)*

Long-reach pliers set, 3-pc.
  • Model/Part No.: TY24362
  • Provides extra reach for fasteners in restricted areas 
  • 45- and 90-degree angles allow for additional access 
  • Textured grip for comfort 
  • Parallel teeth provide for firm grip of fasteners and other objects
List Price: $48.62 (USD)*

Retaining Ring Pliers
  • Solid-forged construction for maximum strength and durability
5-1/2-in. retaining ring pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY26286
List Price: $39.39 (USD)*

Rib joint pliers, heavy-duty
  • Model/Part No.: TY25033
  • Ideal for rods, pipes, hose and cable connections, and many other mechanical devices 
  • Multiple slip-joint with self-locking jaw opening that will not slip 
  • Long, durable handles provide powerful leverage to grip round, flat, square, and hex objects
List Price: $31.90 (USD)*

Combination Slip Joint Pliers
  • To be used as standard pliers, but with a wider jaw capacity – a pivot point provides for two widths of jaw opening 
  • Also used for cutting wire Knurled handles provide a secure grip 
  • Drop forged from special steel – machined and hardened for extra strength and durability 
  • Natural finish
6-3/4-in. combination slip joint pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY25030
List Price: $16.18 (USD)*
8-in. combination slip joint pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY25031
List Price: $19.09 (USD)*
6 1/2-in. combination slip joint pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY26347
List Price: $13.87 (USD)*
8-in. combination slip joint pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY26344
List Price: $15.65 (USD)*
6 1/2-in. angle-nose slip joint pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY26345
List Price: $15.95 (USD)*
8-in. angle-nose slip joint pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY26346
List Price: $18.45 (USD)*

Rib joint pliers
  • Model/Part No.: TY25032
  • Ideal for automotive work and general utility service 
  • Teeth designed to provide a maximum grip on any object 
  • Jaws lock positively into position – cannot slip under any pressure 
  • Cushioned handles provide comfortable grip 
  • Meets Federal Specification GGG-P-00471, Type II, Class 1 
List Price: $22.89 (USD)*

Retaining ring pliers set, 4-pc.
  • Model/Part No.: TY26280
  • Solid forged construction for maximum strength and durability 
  • Precision-shaped and sized tips ensure positive grip and prevent slipping and safety hazards 
  • External models feature a spring for easier operation 
  • Solid-style, forged, precision non-slip tips 
  • Material: chrome vanadium electric steel and oil-hardened polished heads 
  • Handles are plastic coated for comfort
List Price: $130.09 (USD)*

Retaining ring pliers set
  • Model/Part No.: TY24515
  • Comes with four interchangeable tips: 90-degree, 45-degree angled; and two sizes of straight tips 
  • Internal range is 3/8- to 2-in. (9.53 to 50.8 mm); external range is 1/4- to 2-in. (6.35 to 50.8 mm) 
  • Tips are easy-shift type for internal/external purposes 
List Price: $16.23 (USD)*
Inside - 90-degree 
Model/Part No.: TY26283
List Price: $40.59 (USD)*
5 1/2-in. long external 
Model/Part No.: TY26284
List Price: $39.99 (USD)*
Outside - 90-degree 
Model/Part No.: TY26287
List Price: $40.39 (USD)*
10-in. Curved jaw locking pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY26823
List Price: $11.99 (USD)*
11-in. C-clamp locking pliers 
Model/Part No.: TY26824
List Price: $16.99 (USD)*

Wire Cutters/Strippers 8 in. lever action cutter 
Model/Part No.: TY24501
List Price: $84.59 (USD)*
8 in. high leverage cutter 
Model/Part No.: TY24500
List Price: $100.59 (USD)*
10 in. diagonal cutter 
Model/Part No.: TY27001
List Price: $67.79 (USD)*
8 in. diagonal cutter - straight 
Model/Part No.: TY24235
List Price: $48.99 (USD)*
8 in. diagonal cutter - 12-degree angled head 
Model/Part No.: TY25257
List Price: $52.09 (USD)*
6 1/2-in. cable/wire shears 
Model/Part No.: TY25017
List Price: $51.69 (USD)*
7 in. multi purpose shears
Model/Part No.: TY26561
List Price: $12.69 (USD)*
6-in-1 wire cutter strippers
Model/Part No.: TY27003
List Price: $9.99 (USD)*