New 615P Belt Pickup Platform

615P Belt Pickup Platform
Key Features
  • Hydraulic adjustable windscreen maximizes control
  • Dual-belt draper pickup
  • Steel auger fingers
  • Fixed gauge wheels reduce width of platform

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Windscreen on 615P
615P hydraulic windscreen615P hydraulic windscreen

The hydraulic windscreen on the 615P allows the operator to maximize productivity by controlling the crop flow in changing windrow conditions.


Feature benefit:

  • Adjustments made from the cab
  • Control crop flow in changing windrow conditions
Manual tilt adjustment for windscreenManual tilt adjustment for windscreen

The hydraulic windscreen utilizes double-acting cylinders which react quicker in maximizing the control of the crop. The windscreen is controlled by the fore-and-aft control on the combine hydro handle. A benefit is the header backshaft speed can be controlled independently of the windscreen allowing for increased belt pickup, and auger/feederhouse chain speed for tough windrow conditions.

Dual draper belts on 615P
Crop transition on 615PCrop transition on 615P


The 615P features a dual-belt draper to enhance material flow into the combine when harvesting windrows. 


Feature benefit:

  • Smooth material flow into the auger
  • Increased material handling capacity
  • Allows crop to fall from the pickup belts

The transfer belts move crop under the 66-cm (26-in.) diameter auger. This provides significant material handling advantages in large/dense windrows.

615P wide belts improve feeding


The 615P features 4.5-m (178-in.) wide belts for enhanced belt tracking with reduced seed loss.


Feature benefit:

  • Eliminates the need for a complicated center-support roller
  • Reduces seed loss
  • Improved belt tracking

Connectors between belts improve belt-drive capacity in tough windrow conditions without the need for a center support on the drive rollers. This design eliminates roller flanges which would create a gap between belts and could result in crop losses. The heavy-duty 615P belts are designed for maximum wear life.

615P belt tensioning system
615P belt tensioning615P belt tensioning


The 615P features a belt tensioning system for extended belt and roller life.


Feature benefit:

  • Belts are evenly tensioned for uniformed loading
  • Easy adjustment that requires minimal tools
  • Minimizes seed loss
FieldGlide™ suspension system on 615P
615P suspension system615P suspension system

The exclusive FieldGlide suspension system features an adjustable air spring and heavy-duty hydraulic shock design to dampen movement during field operation, allowing the operator to increase harvesting speed.  Once set, the air springs do not need adjustment during the season. 


Feature benefit:

  • Improves windrow harvesting performance
  • Harvest at faster speeds
  • No tools needed

Adjustment of the air springs requires no tools and is simple compared to other belt pickup suspensions. Adjust the air springs according to instructions located on the belt pickup side sheets.


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John Deere615P Belt Pickup Platform
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Add Model
Transport widths 5,438 mm
210.5 in.
Header height control Hydraulic
Pickup Belts
Width of belts 1,130 mm
44.5 in.
Number of belts per pickup 4 picking, 4 transfer
Total picking width 4,546 mm
179 in.
Operating speed of belts 3-150 m/min
10-475 fpm
Number of rollers 2 picking, 2 transfer
Pickup Fingers
Type Plastic
Number of fingers per belt 84
Float range 57 mm
2.25 in.
Diameter 662 mm
26 in.
Auger fingers Heavy-duty, round, diameter with breakaway notch 15.9 mm
0.625 in.
Number of auger fingers 19 STS, maximum 22
Auger finger pattern In-line, retracting
Finger reach 152 mm
6 in.
Operating speed At 520 feederhouse speed 180 rpm
Pressure 1 bar 103.4 kPa
15 psi
Approximate shipping weight (includes shipping skids) 1,520 kg
3,350 lb

Accessories and Attachments

600 Series HydraFlex Platforms

Platform wedge kit - BH84398
Wedge kitWedge kit

In certain field conditions, when harvesting with 600 Series cutting platforms attached to pre-60 Series combines equipped with tall drive tires (for example, 35.5x32-in. or 42-in. dual wheels), it may not be possible to obtain the desired or optimum cutting bar angle. This is due to the extreme height of the drive tires, especially if used in conjunction with the tall 18.4x30 or 28Lx26 high-flotation rear steering tires.


The wedge kit allows the lower frame of the platform to be tilted upward to any one of three different degrees when attached to the combine so the desired cutter bar angle adjustment can be obtained.

Distance between center of F.H. and the groundDistance between center of F.H. and the ground

The following chart and illustration below can be used to help determine if the wedge kit is required on the platform for the combine being used.


Position machine on flat level ground with platform removed.


Position feederhouse so face is perpendicular to the ground. To check this, a bubble level can be placed on the face of the feederhouse.


Measure distance (A) between the center of feederhouse drive shaft and the ground.


Compare dimension to table and determine amount of wedge angle required.


For 50 Series STS™ Combine
Dimension A
Wedge Angle Required
Less than 710 mm (28 in.)




710 to 775 mm (28 to 30.5 in.)


1.5-degree wedge


775 to 825 mm (30.5 to 32.5 in.)


3-degree wedge


More than 825 mm (32.5 in.)


4.5-degree wedge



For 50 Series and Prior Walker Combines
Dimension A
Wedge Angle Required
Less than 710 mm (28.0 in.)




710 to 750 mm (28.0 to 29.5 in.)


1.5-degree wedge


750 to 790 mm (29.5 to 31.0 in.)


3-degree wedge


More than 790 mm (31.0 in.)


4.5-degree wedge


Reel Position (Fore/Aft and Height) Resume for use on all 600 Series Platforms - BH84265

Three programmable reel position settings will optimize platform performance while minimizing header losses.  The operator can preselect three different reel positions for specific field conditions and can access these while harvesting, simply by touching the activation buttons on the multifunction hydro handle.


Feature benefit:

  • Three programmable positions to optimize platform performance
  • Reduces operator stress by conveniently moving the reel to a preselected position to minimize header losses
Fore-aft reel resumeFore-aft reel resume



Adjust the reel height and fore-aft position to an optimal position then press the 1, 2, or 3 button on the multifunction control lever until arrows on each side of the symbol indicates that the system is active. This will save that reel position for that button which can be done for each number on the handle.

Stone Dams Short (23 mm) for 615F, 618F and 620F - BH84403

The stainless-steel feed plates on the 600F Series Platforms have a flat profile. This along with the stainless-steel material, results in smoother feeding into the platform auger. The 600F offers an optional tall stone dam at the cutterbar to help prevent rocks from entering the platform.


Feature benefit:

  • The stainless-steel feed plates have a flat profile that provides smoother feeding into the platform auger.
  • The feed plates pivot from the rear. During normal operation, the profile of the feed floor is flat, which improves feeding geometry and also maintains a consistent clearance between the reel and cutterbar, allowing improved crop flow from the cutterbar to the auger.
  • Short stone dam is in base equipment and recommended for use in tall, short, and no-till crop conditions. The short wall of this stone dam provides smooth feeding without affecting crop flow into the platform
  • Tall 50-mm (2-in.) stone dam is available as a factory-installed option and is recommended where extremely rocky field conditions exist. The taller wall of this stone dam acts as a barrier to prevent rocks from entering the platform and the possibility of ingestion into the combine.
Short stone dam (base equipment)Short stone dam (base equipment)
Tall stone dam (optional)Tall stone dam (optional)

The flat feed plates also allow a consistent clearance between the reel and cutterbar improving crop flow from the cutterbar to the auger.

600D Series and 600FD HydraFlex Series Draper Platforms

Reel Flip-Over Bundle for 640FD (Model Year 2016 or newer) and 645FD (Model Year 2015 or newer) - BXE10761

A strong, durable poly-tine pickup reel is in base equipment on the 600FD HydraFlex™ Draper Platforms. All reels feature a low-profile pickup design to allow gentle entry into the crops to reduce shatter loss with an optional factory-installed reel tine flip over kit to prevent wrapping in tough, wet and viney crops.


Customer Value:

  • A one-piece reel on the 630FD and 635FD and a two-piece reel on the 640FD and 645FD provide strength, visibility, and unobstructed crop flow to the combine for maximum productivity
  • Unique high-strength poly reel finger provides 35 percent more stiffness to match the higher productivity of harvesting for increased uptime
  • Efficient and fast feeding sweeping material from cutterbar onto draper belts for increased performance
  • Reel flip-over attachment reduces wrapping of crop material decreasing crop losses at the reel for more grain in the tank
  • Flip-over attachment works best in tough, wet, viney crops such as soybeans, peas, straight cut edible beans, and canola for increased versatility
Poly-tine reelPoly-tine reel
More robust reel fingerMore robust reel finger
Reel flip over attachmentReel flip over attachment