R&S Silent Auction

 This Event has expired.

When: Nov 17 - Dec 08, 2016 at 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location: Riesterer & Schnell

Contact: Ken Moehn (kmoehn@rands.com)

See equipment list and current bids here.

2016 Silent Auction Guidelines

  1. Contact Ken Moehn at 920-775-4146 or kmoehn@rands.com for auction information.
  2. Bidding Opens November 17th at 12:00 Noon.
  3. Bidding Closes December 8th at 2:00 PM.
  4. In-person bidding is encouraged on the final close date to ensure your bid will be received.
  5. We reserve the right to allow bidders on the phone or in person at 2:00 PM to continue bidding on an item until the unit is sold.
  6. Minimum bids will be $50 for items under $2000.
  7. Minimum bids of $100 for items over $2000.
  8. Items over $50,000 need to have a minimum of a $500 increase over previous bid.
  9. Items will be declared sold to the highest bidder by the Chilton location as soon as all bidding for all items is complete.
  10. All units are being sold as-is NO WARRANTY.
  11. We will take a maximum bid and bid it up by the minimum bid for a bidder if they do not wish to be at a location or on the phone at 2:00 pm on December 8th. We will share the bids with that bidder to ensure the integrity of the sale.
  12. Items must be paid for and picked up by December 17, 2016.