John Deere 2 Family vs. Kubota B50

If you could design the perfect compact utility tractor for your land, what would it be? When deciding on a 32 to 38 horsepower compact utility tractor, there are a lot of options to choose from. Designed with convenience, comfort and performance in mind, the John Deere 2R Series has a lot of features and benefits. To examine these differences, we put together a comparison between the John Deere 2038R Series and the Kubota B3350.

 2 Family Compact Utility Tractors

The John Deere Difference


One of the main differences between the John Deere and Kubota is the stability. John Deere offers a beefier chassis, weighing 30% more than the Kubota. The 2R weights 2436lbs while the Kubota only weights 1874lbs. This extra weight on the 2R allows you to deliver more power to the ground, while adding more strength to handle multiple implements and greater stability when working on uneven ground. The 2R also allows you to add 2.4” wheel spacers on each side to further widen the rear tires. This puts the John Deere at 59.9” and the Kubota at a narrower 56.7”. Overall, the stability on the John Deere 2R Series helps provide you with a level of confidence and control when mowing on ditches and side-hill slopes.

Operator Layout

When working out in your yard all day, comfort plays a key role in getting the job done right. John Deere’s TwinTouch Pedals allow you to change both speed and direction with little fatigue compared to Kubota’s design. With the exclusive eThrottle option you don’t need to throttle up the RPMs to match your desired speed, the tractor does it for you. How does this work? The eThrottle optimizes the engine’s output for given working conditions. The John Deere 2R offers electronic cruise control, which comes standard. When mowing large fields, this option is great. While driving the 2R, you will notice a large rubber floor mat that shields you from vibration and noise for all day added comfort. It also allows plenty of room for any size of shoe. The Kubota B3350 has a Treble Pedal, which offers heal-toe control. This type of operation can be strenuous when working on large jobs. Some people may also have a hard time adjusting their feet on the Kubota as there is a transmission hump on thin material covering the base. The 2R is not only designed for operator comfort, it is designed for increased visibility. The controls are conveniently located on the right side and clearly labeled for easy identification. This is great for less experienced operators. On the Kubota most controls and levers add more strain when you are spending long days on your tractor by requiring more work to reach.


When checking off items on your to-do list, you may feel like you are running out of daylight. This doesn’t happen with the John Deere 2R Series. Thanks to the standard work lights with optional high-power LED bulbs, you can work earlier or later than you can while using the Kubota B3350. The B3350 doesn’t offer any fender lights. Need to get something done in the dark? The John Deere 2R also offers a premium lighting package that shines brighter and further than the competition.


The John Deere 220R Quick-Park Loader has a lot of advantages over Kubota’s LA534 Loader. The 220R is built to handle heavy loads and repetitive work. It offers a heavy-duty bucket with integrated loops to secure material, which helps reduce errors. When it’s time to take the loader off, the quick park loader helps speed up the process. The 220R has an integrated parking stand that drops down, making it easier to store and go. Another way to reduce time is by using John Deere’s optional single-point hydraulic connection which allows you to connect and disconnect lines with one simple lever without leaving your seat. Compare these features to the LA534 loader that requires trips to and from the operator seat to attach and detach. It also uses two independent parking stands which can sink into the ground during storage and cause difficulty making the loader level to attach again.

Drive-Over Mower Deck

The John Deere 2R Series offers the exclusive Auto-Connect Drive-Over Mower Deck technology. The innovative Auto-Connect drive-over deck allows you to connect the mower deck in less than a minute without leaving your seat. Once you align your tire with the left guard rail and drive slowly over the deck, the mid-mount PTO automatically connects. Once the deck is secure to the tractor, all that is needed is to set the cutting height and you are good to mow. Another difference between Kubota and John Deere is the CommandCut Electronic Height of Cut Control System. This option ensures consistency time after time with hardly any effort. All you must do is turn the knob to your desired cut height shown in inches, pull the lever to engage the mower deck to move and you are set to mow. This technology uses an electronic actuator beneath the tractor to adjust the positioning of the deck making sure the cuts are the exact height that you want. To easily see what height setting you are using, the LCD display has it listed. This feature is great for getting down to the exact science of mowing. It is a perfect feature when mowing between different parts of your property. The Kubota B3350 creates a lot more work for the operator by making it where they must get down off the tractor to adjust the PTO and other strenuous levers. Not only do they have to be off the tractor to attach, once the deck is secure the operator must adjust the height cut lever manually.


The John Deere 270B Quick-attach offers more convenience compared to Kubota’s BH77. The 270B can be installed without removing the entire 3-point hitch like you must with the Kubota BH77. To hook up the 2R series tractor to the 270B, all you must do is remove the top link and it can be stored. The 270B Backhoe can then be attached. John Deere offers a comfortable seat for the 270B, while Kubota offers a swivel seat. This feature ensures proper spacing and alignment with the backhoe hydraulic control. 


On any compact utility tractor, annual maintenance is a must. John Deere created a nearly effortless way to check the engine oil on the 2R. This helps ensure that oil checks will be done regularly because it is doesn’t take a lot of time or difficulty. Unlike the competition, you don’t have to remove any panels or open the hood to access the dipstick. The 2R offers longer usage of transmission hydraulic oil life. The 2R needs to be changed every 1200 hours compared to every 400 hours on the Kubota B3350. When fueling the John Deere 2R, the process is very easy. The fuel tank is located on the left rear fender to allow you to easily fill at ground level. In comparison, Kubota’s fuel tank is located on the hood where the operator could possibly spill and get fuel in the engine compartment. What is the capacity difference between John Deere and Kubota? John Deere offers 18% more capacity with an 8.6-gallon fuel capacity tank vs. Kubota’s 7.3-gallon tank. Another great asset to owning a John Deere Compact Utility Tractor is John Deere’s 6-year Powertrain Warranty.

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