John Deere 1 Family vs. Kubota BX

When considering a 23 to 25 horsepower sub-compact utility tractor, it can be hard to decide which option is best for you. Because there are several different brands and configurations, we have put together a comparison between the John Deere 1 Family Tractor vs. the Kubota BX. Both tractors are similar in their horsepower ranges, open station configurations and dimensions.

1 Family Sub-Compact Utility Tractors

The John Deere Difference

Quik-Park Loader

The Quik-Park Loader is an added benefit to choosing a John Deere 1 family tractor because it provides easy operation to attach and detach the loader directly from the seat. The Kubota BX requires the operator to get on and off their seat to install / uninstall the hydraulic hoses and pins. This feature is great for people who need to quickly switch between tasks.

Composite Hood

The Composite Hood adds strength to the body on the John Deere. When comparing a composite hood to a metal hood side by side, the composite hood resists dents and doesn’t allow rust to arise. When using a tractor, you may have wood or gravel fall out of the loader. If this happens, the material will bounce off the composite and not leave damage whereas a metal hood would.

iMatch Quick Hitch

What sets John Deere apart? The iMatch Quick Hitch provides quick and easy hookup for most Category 1 attachments and implements. To ensure longer life, it is designed with tubular box-welded steel. The iMatch Quick Hitch easily connects John Deere 1 Family tractors to over 200 attachments and implements.

AutoConnect Drive-Over Mower Deck

The two main differences between John Deere and Kubota is the time it takes to install and uninstall the mower deck. John Deere’s AutoConnect Drive-Over Mower Deck is very easy to attach, taking approximately 1 minute to get the job done. To install, all you must do is line-up the tractor with the guide rails and drive over the deck. Once the PTO Connection is set there will be a click. The last step requires you to set the gauge wheels and you are ready to mow! Without leaving your seat, the AutoConnect Drive-Over Mower Deck attaches the mower drive shaft and the PTO drive shaft automatically.

How does the Kubota Mower Deck Match Up? The Kubota Mower Deck takes around 4.50 minutes to install and uninstall. It requires you to get off the tractor from the start. The first step involves removing the loader prior to install of the mower. To start, all four-gauge wheels must be set to the lowest height setting. The narrow ramps must be positioned just right prior to driving the tractor over the deck. There is not an indicator sound to alert the operator when the PTO Connection is met, sometimes this forces the operator to realign the tractor. The deck cannot be lifted like the John Deere mower deck because the ramps will scrape the tires. Once the deck is in place, you must latch several levers and pin the ramps back into place. The gauge wheels need to be set to proper mowing height prior to mowing.

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