Dave Setterstrom

December 2017 | Neenah

I purchased a Z535M earlier this fall and had a problem... the day after it was delivered. I called Gary and I really appreciate his timely response. The driver who picked it up was very professional and very apologetic for the mechanical issue. Gary called me back within 2 hours and had the problem fixed and set to deliver back to me that morning. They put priority in clearing up the problem. Great Customer Service!! Very happy with my purchase. The cut is fantastic and it has cut my mowing in half. Thanks again for the great customer service. Nothing runs like a Deere!!

Karen Shumacher

December 2017 | Antigo

No complaints at this time. Joe (Allen) was great!

Isaiah Skenandore

December 2017 | Pulaski

Love working with Jason at R&S in Pulaski he was sure to come to our farm to see what we would need and be sure we were comfortable with the size to maneuver around fencing, but still large enough for field work!

Christopher Kafka

December 2017 | Pound

I'm very pleased with all aspects of my purchase, treatment, and follow through... that includes the friendly attitude of Jim, the tractor delivery rep.

Harold Ebert

December 2017 | Denmark

All personal have been great!

Jeanne Baalke

December 2017 | Neenah

Thank you for a terrific job! My brother, Jeff, & I appreciate you coming here. Aaron (Albashian) is awesome!

Tim & Sue Pauly

December 2017 | Neenah

We just purchased a new lawn tractor. Had a great experience from start to finish. Bob was very thorough with explaining use and maintenance of the new tractor upon delivery.

Florence Gross

December 2017 | Stevens Point

Thank you all very much for the good work. Tractor looked all cleaned up and polished. Looks great! Thanks again.

Craig Giese - PerMar Security

December 2017 | Stevens Point

Jeff & Gary - Great mower! Very happy with the product & more importantly the service & genuine appreciation I felt when doing business with you! Thanks much!

Jason Bach 

December 2017 | Stevens Point

Just wanted to say thanks again (Chad) for everything regarding my purchase of the S240, the entire process was flawless and I could not be happier! Thank you for everything! Nolan loved it and surprisingly, so did Stacy (although I am sure she would deny it but she even took it for a spin)! Nolan also loved the JD cap, as do I, he did not take it off until dinner. Thanks again!

Sandy Gauger & Greg Wuest

December 2017 | Neenah

A few weeks ago I purchased a new John Deere for cutting my lawn. The (really nice Bob) delivered it and again picked it up for its 8-hour oil change and brought it back the next day. This tractor replaced my old (33-years) 318. Bob did a great job of explaining to Greg (he cuts my grass) how to run this new tractor. It is a lot different than the old 318. You have a wonderful man working for you. I told Bob why I had the oil change done by your shop instead of letting Greg do it. 

Steve & Jan Muellenback

October 2017 | Chilton

My wife and I were in your Chilton showroom to purchase a lawn tractor. Steve Smith came up to us, introduces himself and asked if he could help or answer any questions. His knowledge in his product and the way he handled himself was a very positive experience for my wife and I. You have an excellent employee in Steve, who knows how to take care of a customer from the time he walks in the door to the closing of the sale.


October 2017 | Pound

Jerry Jensen did an excellent job on my chopper! He had my electrical problem figured out in no time. Great Service!


October 2017 | Pound

Thank you so much for the great service! I really like Clayton Kelsey's thoroughness. He is a great young man!

Jim Kartheiser

October 2017 | Pound

Thank you for your prompt service on my X330 lawn mower. The Technician (Todd Perrault) was very professional. 

William Hamilton

October 2017 | Pound

Thanks for going above and beyond for helping me with my power flow issue on my Z915B. Took the time to help me step by step and now it works. Big thumbs up to the Service Dept.

Andrea Knutson

October 2017 | Neenah

Bob did a GREAT job with her on the 1025R delivery. Give him an "Atta Boy" for that too. 

Harry Krueger

October 2017 | Campbellsport

Thank you again Tory & Joe for such excellent service! Hopefully we won't have to bring it up again and can make it through this summer! But good to know you'll be able to help us if needed!

Mike Brookins

July 2017 | Pound

I wanted to thank you again for the prompt response to address the mid-pto for my tractor. I would also express my thanks to your technician. He not only addressed the issue but was concerned enough about the security of my garage service door that he called. The equipment was working again last weekend beautifully! Thanks again!

Jim Revall

July 2017 | Pound

Chad (Bielinski) got parts for me on the weekend. He went above and beyond. Thank you! Give Chad a pat on the back!

Ryan Shull

June 2017 | Stevens Point

I am very happy R&S made things right for me and will definitely buy from them again! Did a great job coming through for me and standing behind the tractor/loader. 

Ted Gazda

June 2017 | Stevens Point

Jewly (Kizewski) (Service Manager) does a great job!

Jill Grambow

June 2017 | Neenah | Rating- 4

I purchased a Stihl gas trimmer from R&S but once I got it home it was too heavy for me to handle and I don't have enough strength to start it. I went back a week later hoping I would be able to return the trimmer. They were very understanding and indicated that sometimes the equipment doesn't work out for everyone. They took my return with ease and gave very good customer service! I had a good experience with the staff there and will certainly return in the future. Thank you.

Bob's Small Engine - Kaukauna

June 2017 | Neenah | Rating- 5

Very people-person crew. I would give the whole crew an a+ and a raise!!

Keith Stroobants | Leaves Inspired Tree Nursery

May 2017 | Chilton

A big THANKS to Ben (Zick) and Jason (Knoener) for making this happen in less than 24 hrs. I know I'm little when it comes to those big dollar tractors, but you two have always treated myself & Leaves Inspired as we are just as important. Thank you for that!!!!


May 2017 | Neenah

Mark (Farley) was great to work with. Followed up on all my concerns.

Chuck Fritz

May 2017 | Stevens Point

The tech that came out to work on my lawn mower was excellent. Was glad to have him there.

Michael Kizewski | Kizewski Farms

May 2017 | Stevens Point

We had an issue with our 9460R at 3pm with rain coming and wanted to finish planting. Jewly Kizewski had Ethan (Warzynski) out to the field within 30 minutes of the phone call. He changed the fuel pump in the field and we were able to finish planting that field before the rain. We appreciate the prompt service and knowing we can rely on R&S when we need them. 

Milo Sidwell

May 2017 | Denmark

Sales and service are outstanding. I am 78 years young and have never seen anyone else match it much less beat it. That is why I keep coming back.

Todd Frahm | Frahm Wood Products

April 2017 | Stratford

Everything was great. The salesperson was knowledgeable with the product he offered us. Very helpful and great to work with. We will be back again!

Mike Cowling | Cowling Property Management

April 2017 | Neenah

Everything so far has been great. Mark Farley at the dealership was very helpful. Overall great experience.

Dustin Stuczynski

April 2017 | Stevens Point

Chad Kurszewski was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Guy Ludwig

April 2017 | Neenah

Everyone goes out of their way for me. They all make it a fun experience. Good group, good teamwork.

Brent Struble

April 2017 | Stevens Point

My sales associate is the best I have ever experienced. I would buy from Brian Hiess again!

Greg Regalia

April 2017 | Stevens Point

You and your crew did a very commendable job getting me up and going again. You have a great outfit there and I’m very pleased that I picked your R&S location to buy my new John Deere.

Thomas Martin

March 2017 | Fond du Lac

The staff is extremely nice and have become friends to boot. Could not be treated any better. Thanks Amanda Paron, Ned Sippel and Jim Sanderson.

Mike Wildeck

February 2017 | Stratford

Having the delivery person (Todd) drop off parts adds a lot of value. The parts dept and sales staff continue to be very knowledgeable and accommodating.  Overall, it seems like the level of service has gone up since R&S took over.

Rick Artymiuck | Peace Lutheran Ministries

February 2017 | Pulaski

Your product is very good.  Salesman, Josh Theyel, excellent to work with. Excellent service getting maintenance parts.

Keith Meyers

January 2017 | Pulaski

The gentleman that set up and delivered my tractor and attachments did a fantastic job, they took the time to show me how all of the attachments mounted.


January 2017 | Chilton

It was a pleasure to have Mark (Hammel) come to our house to change over our tractor.  You are lucky to have him as an employee. Thank you.

Mike Okray

December 2016 | Stevens Point

Thank you for the excellent service. Brad Larson was very polite, knowledgeable and patient. He did a great job!

Freudenthal Farms, Inc.

December 2016 | Stratford

Kudos to Nate Bunkelman of the excellent, prompt service call on Saturday to get my equipment up and running again. It was very much appreciated.

Dale Lindwall

December 2016 | Antigo

R&S has great people. They are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I love the mower! It cut my mowing time in half.

Kirk Pontow

November 2016 | Neenah

I am very impressed with Aaron Albashian (Neenah’s RTM Tech). He is a great representative for your company.

Michael Brookins

November 2016 | Pound

Thank you, Tom Fischer. I sure appreciate working with you and your team. Every event has been great! Thank you again.


November 2016 | Hortonville

Thank you Betsy Kutchenriter so much for the STIHL products that you sold me. You answered my questions, strong product knowledge, and demonstrated my products to me. They are working amazing and I want to say thank you.

Tim McGinnis

November 2016 | Neenah

My experience has been excellent! I look forward to doing more business in the future.

Randy Wold

October 2016 | Neenah

Mark Farley and Karen Obermeier were extremely professional. I was extremely impressed. I must say that our experience with Mark and Karen was a breath of fresh air.

Scott Michael

October 2016 | Denmark

Everything was outstanding and all went nice and smooth with the transaction and financing.

Mike Fermanich

October 2016 | Hortonville

Always made to feel welcome when I visit the store. Very helpful people.

George Grinde

September 2016 | Chilton

Jason (Knoener) took the time to see which mower would be best for us-they delivered it within a couple of days. What a relief.

Gary Skaya

September 2016 | Stratford

Dan Guden did everything to make this happen. I went in not thinking of even buying John Deere: up front and honest best describes Dan! Also, your 0% financing brought the total cost closer to other brands.

Marie Coogan

September 2016 | Stevens Point

Thank you for the job you guys do there, everyone is always so nice when I have to bring my lawn tractor in for service.

Mike Haese

September 2016 | Chilton

What a class act very helpful when you need them the most especially the service department! Keep up the good work!

Harold Bauer

August 2016 | Hortonville

If we need a new part or service of any kind, Riesterer & Schnell is there for us and take great care of us!!


August 2016 | Pulaski

I am a woman in ag. Jason Schraufnagel is just an excellent person for a woman to work with. His mother brought him up to respect women. Jason is a perfect match for our operation. So I guess there isn't room for improvement.

David and Shari Phelan

July 9, 2016 | Chilton

We wanted to write you personally to express our gratitude for having such a knowledgeable and experienced salesman on your team. Neither my husband nor I have had much experience with tractors. We purchased a piece of property and met with Steve Smith in April of this year. He spent a considerable amount of time listening to us, with the intent of putting together options for the perfect tractor packages based on the vision we had for our property. Since delivery, Steve has gone above and beyond- coming to our place not only for delivery, but also to educate us on the best use of our tractors. From calling for emergencies when we were learning how to attach implements, to teaching us new skills on tractor finesse, we are fortunate to not only have found the best JD salesman, but also to have found a friend. 

Thank you again for your excellent service, products, and for providing us with the best salesman we could ever hope for.

Joel H. | Egg Harbor

July 2016 | Denmark

This past week I had an unfortunate electrical issue with my JD tractor that I only purchased 10 months ago from R&S. Obviously this was frustrating as I didn't expect things to break so soon.

Upon hearing my circumstances, Eric (Dalebroux) immediately reached out to me to understand the situation and to offer his assistance. Within 24 hours, Eric had made arrangements to pick up the tractor, schedule the repair and to ensure that it came back to me in good working order. With the holiday weekend ahead, I have much work to get done on the farm and with Eric's support I will now be able to do that.

I wanted to write to you to let you know what an outstanding job Eric did and how satisfied I am with all that he provided. From his prompt attention to explaining the necessary repairs needed to even helping me purchase an additional accessory, he was great.

Too many times life goes by without saying thanks and good job and I did not want this to be one of them. So I'd appreciate if you could also recognize Eric as well.

Chad Kosler | Wallendal Supply, Inc.

May 2016 | Westfield

Hope all is good and you had a great Holiday. Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for taking care of all of our concerns up until this point. Your team has done a much better job communicating with our team and following up. Not to mention delivering on your word that things will get better with R&S. We enjoy our current relationship and hope that this is the new expectation that you and I can expect to see moving forward. Thank you again for everything that you are doing in that location and I'm hoping our planting season will start up without a hitch. I'm looking forward to planting straight rows this year. LOL....

Mark Moen

May 2016 | Hortonville

I can't say a bad word about R&S of Hortonville. They always take good care of me, sales to service to parts. Very happy to work with them.


May 2016 | Pulaski

I just wanted to say thank you to you (Jason Schraufnagel) and the service department for getting our tractor repaired and cleaned quickly so we could continue with our landscaping before the graduation party we are hosting next weekend. I know you hear complaints, but I wanted to let you know we do appreciate it so much!!!!

Marion Figlinski

May 1, 2016 | Pound

My husband bought a tractor from U yrs. ago. it got it work out. He pass away 8 yrs. ago & now his son-in- law has it & it's still going. Nothing like a John Dere running like a deer ! Fast & ferrous...

John Hitchcock

April 2016 | Stevens Point

Riesterer & Schnell will have repeat business from me. Their sales rep Brian Hiess was fantastic to deal with and genuinely wants the customer to be satisfied with their purchase.

Jay Peters

March 2016 | Neenah

Overall interaction with my dealer has been excellent. At this time I have had nothing but a great experience. My sales consultant was excellent, he answered all questions.

Mark Hansen

March 2016 | Stratford

I had a great experience. My sales person, Kent Latzig, went out of his way to make sure that I was satisfied with my tractor and attachments. He even dropped parts off at my house a couple of times. You don't see that much these days. Kent gets a 10 from me.

Patrick Plunkett

January 8, 2016

My new X319 just got through blasting my 1000 ft. long driveway (on an up-hill grade) open in spite of the super wet slush that was on top of it. Never once did it clog due to the wet snow (as drizzle poured down) (what a mess), nor did I get stuck, thanks to the four-wheel drive system. I can honesty say I am happy, to say the least, that I was able to do what I just did, and it didn’t even take that long to boot. My hat is off to J. D. for the four wheel drive system design and the design of my two-stage blower.

By the way, I treated the machine carefully, I didn’t have to “beat it” just to get the job done (which I would not do anyway, being the gear-head, retired engineer, I am).

Do have a great day.

Pat Plunkett, Very Satisfied John Deere Owner.