A Role For Everyone

Just like the equipment we sell and service, our company has many moving parts. In order to meet our standards for excellence, we search for employees with a wide range of skills to fill our many roles. From pulling apart engines to organizing trade shows, Riesterer & Schnell offers something for everyone. 


Even quality equipment like John Deere needs some work from time to time. Our Service Technicians work diligently to get customers up and running in no time, through set-ups, inspections, and repairs for all of our equipment. We provide safe, clean, and well-lit shops featuring the latest technology and resources, allowing our service professionals to get the job done right the first time. They literally know this stuff inside and out.


Do you know how many parts make up a John Deere tractor? It’s a lot, trust us. Fortunately, our parts professionals are experts in tracking, stocking, and ordering every single part, right down to the last bolt. With unique questions and cases coming in every day, our parts professionals gain a strong understanding of customer needs and can always find the best solutions. If a customer needs it, our parts department can find it.


As a Riesterer & Schnell sales professional, your earning potential is in your hands. Our knowledgeable Sales team members work closely with customers to understand their needs and ensure that the right products and solutions are identified. Whether dealing in agriculture, landscaping, or every-day upkeep, our sales professionals find solutions that help customers fulfill their goals. On the road or in the office, the life of an R&S sales professional is never dull.


These are the folks keeping the operation cohesive, organized, and welcoming. Our administrative staff ensures that the Riesterer & Schnell voice is consistent throughout our 12 locations, offering a friendly first point of contact and knowledge of our many resources. Behind the scenes, our administrative staff is hard at work developing new ways to get customers what they need faster and keeping everything running smoothly.

Integrated Solutions (IS)

Technology has become a major player in the agriculture industry. As a leader in technology, we are committed to having skilled employees who can help Riesterer & Schnell remain ahead of the competition and lead us toward a better future. Our IS department completes regular training courses and monitors industry trends in order to help us develop the latest and greatest solutions for all of our customers' precision farming needs.